Remembrance Day


  1. The reason we set aside time for remembrance day is that the soldiers were always fighting for Canada’s freedom and our independence. If it wasn’t for them and the ones that died for us we would be living in a world with slavery or even like north Korea is living. Around 17 million deaths in WWI and around 61,000 Canadian soldiers died and 172,000 were wounded for Canada so that we could have freedom and independence in Canada. It was all over on the 11th-month, 11th day, and 11th hour. People rejoiced that they can see their families again and the ones that could not come home are the ones we put time aside for.
  2. The reason why we wear poppies is to remind us of the soldiers that have fought for us in WWI. They symbolize the death (blood is red poppy is red) and renewal (flowers blooming every year). Lastly, because poppies grew on the battlefield that the soldiers fought on(Flanders)

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