Elly Gotz Holocaust reflection

  1. Something that really stuck out to me was when he was talking about staying in his basement with his mom ready to basically kill him. I have no idea how he was so calm in there I would be so terrified and scared. He was ready to die. It hit home for me because again I would not be able to do that at such a young age, ready to die.
  2. To be honest, at first I would not even think about forgiving them at all but then through time I would try and try to forgive them and eventually do so. The reason behind this is because I am a Christian and Jesus told me to do so “forgive”. Also, same thing applies for the inactive bystanders.
  3. I think that wee should never forget what happened that day even Elly I know for a fact just hearing him talk he will ever forget what happened to his people and him he won’t forget and I hope I won’t either.
  4. Studying this event should remind us how people were treated and that we should never make this mistake again for obvious purposes. It should also tell us to respect the people that have and not disrespect them but have deep regards for them.

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