Shaul lake 40


  1. One thing is that when I want to get a drink of water or if I want to take a shower I just undo the tap and it runs for me, clean health good water, but they don’t they have to get their water delivered to them and it’s hard for them.
  2. Another thing is that to get supplies they would have to boat to the mainland and pick them up any types of supplies like food gas or other things. Where as we have it that we can just go to metro or other stores.
  3. Lastly, we have a good school here they are nice the teachers care about their students and we learn well. Residential schools are the opposite parents send their kids there is they are bad or something like that, but in those school, they are treated horribly and it is like hell there.


  1. My fist question is that is president Justin trudo actually going to do what he said about making that lake a better place.
  2. the second one is that would they have had some kind of heater to keep them warm in the winter and at night.


  1. the connection that I made with this is, I felt the work they were doing to survive, with getting their food and water and the struggle they have. The thing that really hit home for me was they way they get their  water.


  1. Freedom road is so important to them because this is, their  way that they will be able to get free off the island and the way to get food water and other sources.

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